3 Surprising Facts About Massage Therapy

Massage therapy is not merely about rocks, calming music, and the smell of creams and oils that soothe sore muscles. Massage therapists require a certification because the aspects of an expert massage lie far deeper than underlying tissues.

Touch Receptors

The human body has around five million touch receptors, and three thousand are merely at our fingertips. While all gentle touch is beneficial, massage therapy assists with high blood pressure and heart rate. The chemicals released into your body flows through your bloodstream, easing inner maladies as much as outer soreness. Touch receptors cover our bodies and affects all parts of our bodies. A head massage, including ear tugging and manipulation, boosts the immune system. 

Maladies Massaged Away

When you say massage, most people believe it is a luxurious spa day. Massage therapy does assist with muscle, tendon, and generalized pain. However, massage therapy improves the flow of blood through the body and lymph nodes. The specialized training of a massage therapist allows them to relieve aches, pains, and flu-like symptoms to boost your immune system and keep you going without the threat of a bug preventing you from getting out of bed.

The same touch that relieves pain and improves health also produces natural painkillers in your body leaving you relaxed and pain-free.

Additional Benefits

A thorough massage is equivalent to a full night's sleep. Deep tissue or otherwise, a  massage produces the feeling of euphoric rest. It is difficult to pass up the sense of revitalization when exhausted by day-to-day life.

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